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Gwyneth Rees

Star sign: Taurus Birthday: 10th May ??? - I’m currently addicted to The Simpsons on TV, because it’s so funny. - My most embarrassing moment was when I went to do a talk in a school, dropped a pile of books while I was trying to open the door of a classroom, and swore in front of the school chaplain! - My favourite teddy was called Pinoceo. (Actually he was a ragdoll, not a teddy, and it was meant to be spelt Pinocchio but I didn’t know that!) - When I was ten my pop idols were Abba (Massive Swedish pop band from the 1970s whose most famous song was called Dancing Queen - for those of you who don’t know!!) - I’d most like to sing nothing at karaoke (I’d be far too embarrassed because I’m a rotten singer!) - If I have an evening to myself I like to read a good book - My signature dish is chilli con carne. (It’s the only thing I can make!) - If I wasn’t an author I’d be a psychiatrist. (That’s what I was before I became an author.) - My favourite pizza topping is ham and mushroom. - My favourite city in the world is London because I love living here.

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